Textual analysis of student work (2)



A strength of this students contents page is that it follows the same theme as the front cover, although the theme is bad having a similar or same theme for each page in a magazine is good because it shows consistency which a professional magazine will have. Another strength is that they have used correct spelling and grammar which is good because it makes it look professional because if you publish a magazine it should be have been proof read for simple mistakes which this magazine clearly has done.


One weakness would be that the title ‘Contents’ stands out because it is underlined and coloured blue which isn’t good because it goes against the rest of the text which shows inconsistency making the magazine look unprofessional, it is also bad because it looks like it was meant to be a hyperlink on a computer which is bad because it is paper-based and paper cant have hyperlinks. Another weakness is that there is blank spaces on the page which is bad because it is implying to the reader that there isn’t much in the magazine because they cant even fill one page with information; the blank spaces should be filled with either images or even more text especially if you have a white background or the page looks boring and people wont read the rest of the magazine. Another weakness is that they have started talking about the pages from 50 onwards which isn’t good because it is saying to the audience that they have nothing worth reading until page 50 which is more than half way in to the magazine. This is bad because it makes it look unprofessional because a proper contents page states what’s on every page, also they are saying that more than half the magazine is worthless so people wont buy it but finally that have said that the main band that it on the cover is on page 50 because of this which is bad because it is saying they aren’t important which contradicts them being on the cover. Another weakness would be that they have stated they have an article about ‘New fashion’ but like the on the cover the image doesn’t show any of the clothes or ‘fashion’ they are wearing.


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