Genre Research

After discussing the various genres we could use for our print production, we have decided to use the ‘Pop’ genre.  The way in which we decided was simply using a genre that is aimed at our age group so by doing this we confident that the features and content we include we appeal to our target audience.  If, for example, we picked the genre of folk music, as this is mainly for mature people, it would be more difficult to make something that really appeals to it’s audience. The Pop genre and indeed other music genres usually have a repertoire of elements and it includes; Iconography, stereotypical gender representation, Setting, Theme and Visual Style.

I have chose three front covers from three different Pop magazines to pick out the similarities that they all have in common and if the genre conventions are used to the same extent in all three covers.

Shared Conventions include:

  • Bright, girly colours show it’s aimed at a young audience.
  • The mode of address is quite welcoming, fun and chatty through the font.
  • The cluttered style of the front covers is something a young audience wants to see as there is a lot going on as well as it not being boring.  If the audience was mainly older people, the front cover wouldn’t be so ‘mashed’ together and it may look unprofessional in their eyes.
  • The female artists are represented as being glamorous but fun and playful and not sexual because it isn’t a ‘lads’ magazine.
  • Pop magazines don’t really have particular ‘settings’ but if there was a setting to pop magazine’s it would just be a studio as they usually need a background behind the person in the camera shot.
  • All three covers have a lot of the same features for example cover lines.

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