Analysis of student work.


Strengths: The masthead is standing out well and is behind the main image which is the main vocal point of the magazine. The main image is in front of the masthead which is authentic because it shows the brand is confident and well established and the publisher is confident that the audience knows what the name of the magazine. The quality of the main image is good as well and also there are a few other images on the cover which are of a good standard.

Weaknesses: Some of the weaknesses are that the colour scheme is very bland and not very attractive. Their also isn’t a lot of writing/articles which is normally what the audience would be looking for as they want to know what’s going on in the bands life which would perhaps persuade the audience to buy the magazine in the first place. Also I feel like they have put a lack of information on the front cover. I feel like they could have perhaps added more information or images which would/could have attracted more of an audience.


Strengths: I think that the analysis on this contents page are quite detailed which gives the audience the impression that perhaps there is a lot to read about. Also their are a lot of images on the page which will enlighten the audience and make them want to buy it as they will want to see images of their favourite pop stars. I think the box that says ‘fan zone’ is a good way of catching the audiences eyes because they might think that if people are writing into the band then they might be able to do it as well so they will want to buy it so they can message their favourite band.

Weaknesses: Again with this page I think the colour scheme is very bland/boring. I don’t think the main images are of a very high standard and also they aren’t really rock related. By this I mean that the background on the images and the way in which they are edited aren’t really related to the rock genre and they look scrappy and last minute pictures. The contents page looks rushed and not very well thought out, I can see this by the Fan Zone box being just a plain white colour.


Strengths: I think that the headline is good and I think it will help attract the audience as they will want to know what the phone call was about. I think that the articles are very well written and there is a lot of writing which will make the audience want to read on and find out about the artists life.

Weaknesses: I think that the colour scheme is poor and also the photo quality is poor as well. I think that if you are trying to attract an audience you would need to produce a more suitable quality of image in order to impress and attract the audience.


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