Poster draft



I have created a draft of our romantic drama poster in order to make it easier for when the actual ancillary product is made, as I have a plan to follow when creating it. I have took inspiration from the “Best of Me” poster and I’ve made sure that all of the features from that poster are included in my own draft.

This poster will consist of two pictures of the three main characters, one at the top of the page and the second, more intimate one will be on the bottom of the poster. The pictures will be blended with the background so it will look like the characters are in that place, as we will be using one of our settings in the trailer as the background of the poster. This will give the audience an idea of where the film takes place and might influence the audience’s choice of whether to go watch the film or purchase it.

The font that I have used for the title will be matching the font used in the trailer and on the film’s website that Mariana will be creating. This will connect all of our products and the audience will know straight away what film it is by looking at either, the website, poster or trailer itself.

At the top of the page, I have mentioned that this trailer is based on a novel by a made-up author. This will attract all the reading fans, especially those who know the author and have read his books. They will want to watch the film to be able to judge whether it was anywhere as good as the book.

Underneath the title of the film, I have decided to put in a quote to do with the film. Again, taking my inspiration from the “Best of Me”, the quote on the poster said “you never forget your first love” and this quote reveals a little bit of the story but at the same time, doesn’t give too much away. This quote will stick in the audience’s mind and it might be a way of how they recognise the film too.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, I will include the actors, directors and any other people who were involved in the film (most of the names will be made up, considering it’s only me and Mariana in the group and 4 of our actors) and the release date to inform the audience so they can decide when they want to see the film and find out what actors played in it.


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