Texual analysis of student work



The students have include all the relevant magazine features such as bar code, masthead etc. and they are in the right places, for example the masthead is at the top meaning it is the first thing people see when they are looking at the magazine. This is important to get all the features in the right places because it means that the magazine looks professional. Another strength is that they have included a large image on the front cover that contrasts with the white background, this is good because it means that the image stands out drawing peoples eyes in to the front cover.


Even though I have stated the white background works well with the image, it is also a weakness because white is a blank colour meaning it is boring which isn’t good for a magazine because if the cover is boring people assume the whole magazine is boring. It is also difficult the identify the genre of music the magazine is trying to follow and this is due to a few things; the white background is the most obvious because it is like a blank canvas shows nothing, also the image isn’t clear because it is like they are just two people not artists. Also the close up doesn’t work because you can see the clothing, and fashion is very relevant when identifying a genre. The only way you can tell what genre it is, is because of other artists that have been mentioned like ‘Calvin Harris’. Another weakness is that they have used a default font for everything even the masthead which is bad because it makes it look amateurish because most big magazines have their own font even if they only have used it for the masthead. Another weakness is that there is no consistency because the top of the page starts out with green text and the masthead is in green but then the theme changes into the headings being red and the rest of the text in black; having no consistency is bad because it makes the magazine look unprofessional.


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