Textual analysis – Double page spread (student work) and summary.

I will be stating the strengths and weaknesses (in my opinion) of this student’s double page production along with a summary of what I will and will not take over to my production.

Unfortunately, the student’s double page spread was split up into 2 images and I can only include 1 per blog entry. So I will only be analysing the text half of the double page spread.

– The student has styled their interview as a Q&A session in which a fake reporter will ask a music star a set of question and will include all answers from the star.
– They have used a pull quote from the text below it for the headline which entices the reading to read further on into the magazine.
– The shape of text is laid out well as it is contained neatly on the page and it all has the relevant information in it.
– The colour scheme within the text it good as they have highlighted the reporters questions in the pink/purple colour and the interviewee’s answers are in the grey text.

– The student has used a colour scheme that is plain and boring. There is nothing to it, it is literally just a title and text. No smaller images around it or fact boxes. Looking at this page initially, you cannot tell the target audience as there is nothing that helps us identify this. Nothing jumps out at being recognisable.

From analysing all the front cover, contents page and the double page of a student’s work, I have found many features I will carry over to my final production however I have found a lot of features I will NOT being implementing into my production. I have learnt that I will spell check all pages to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, as in my opinion that is the worst mistake you could make on a magazine production. I have also learnt about the colour schemes. I know I need to choose one that can appeal and help identify my target audience, as well as make the scheme fit well and appropriate for my page. I also need to include more that just text a picture so that my page does not look so plain and boring. A feature I did like was the use of a pull quote on the page to help entice the readers. I will also use a consistent colour scheme and highlight where relevant information when appropriate.


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