Textual Analysis (students work)


This piece of work I feel is very strong. This magazine I think is an alternative/indie genre, and I feel like the over all layout fits in really well with this. This is because, in typical pop themed magazines there are lots of bright colours and offers; there is very over dramatic make-up and hair etc. The girl who is in the main image looks very plain however this is effective for this magazine as the focus is not to be very bright and over the top, as instead they want it to be kind of relaxed. I think that the effect on the main image is important as it compliments the colours of the cover lines and the main cover line. There is a lot of information on this front cover however I don’t think that think that it looks too over crowded as sometimes on cover pages there is too much going on and it is hard to get a proper look at everything. I think the images on the side look very smart as they are in a small photo frame. Moreover they have used a variety of high quality fonts which I think all link in well with one another, and the person creating this piece has looked at many different fonts and chosen the ones that they think are best suited to one another. I also feel that the actual design of this front cover is very professional and looks extremely authentic.

The only thing that I would change about this front cover would be that on the right had side of the page there is a cover line with a small amount of information in it. This is because I think that it looks slightly out of place and that it has been put there to fill up blank space. The text on it is quite small and hard to understand which makes it hard to read without looking very closely at it.


I like how in the top corner there is a note from the editor. This will make the audience that is reading it feel like the magazine is sort of personal as it is signed with their name. It uses all of the correct conventions and is has been technically really well produced. The column on the left that shows the features of the magazine is really well presented as they are all in line with one another and looks really authentic. They have used features from Vibe magazine that I think blend in really well. As well as this, as I had previously stated, the effect that they have put on the main picture links in really well with the colour scheme that has been put onto this page and the image compliments it.

The things that we don’t like about this page is that the word ‘Contents’ is supposed to be the masthead of this page and the thing that stands out the most, however the white on the light turquoise background fades out too much and is really hard to see. Also the images that they have used look like pictures that you would probably find on someone’s phone, and don’t look like they have been done professionally.


This double page spread I think is very effective. I like how for the masthead of this page it looks like each letter has been cut out of a magazine. I also think that it represents the indie theme as it looks edgy. Throughout this magazine the effect that they have put on the images really compliments the colour scheme that they have used throughout which makes the magazine look consistent. The photo that they have used takes over more than half of the page which I think is appropriate because when people are reading a double page spread they do not want to be reading thousands of words as they may get bored of it. Moreover I think the actual article layout looks very professional. The sub headings of the text have been highlighted in black which shows that they show the difference between each part of the article. It also shows that there is a new subject that is being spoken about. The person that has put this page together has put a lot of thought in to the layout. Also they have used fonts that really compliment each other. They all compliment one another and it looks really professional.

I do not like the kicker that is to the left of the article. This is because I think that the colour is too bright with the font colour that has been put on it. It looks so bright and you almost have to strain your eyes if you want to read it properly. Another thing that we do not like about this page is on the left the text box that has information looks slightly out of place which I do not think looks right. It is also slightly hard to read because of how small the writing is.


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