Influential Figures – Jeb Stuart

I have chosen Jeb Stuart as my influential figure for a Crime Thriller. He is both the director and writer for the film ‘Switchback’ so has had much influence to the film because he wrote the storyline as well as plan out the scene and think about the camera work. Mainly, an idea of Jeb’s that my group and I would like to use in our opening sequence is how he has used the lighting. for example when the mother character fells like she is safe the lighting is always light, however that changes because when she feels like she is in danger the lighting goes very dark. this catches the audiences attention and creates tension as they see the fear of the character. Also the fact that Jeb Stuart has gone against Todorov’s theory is intriguing as it grabs the audiences attention straight away with the disequilibrium. I would like to use this in my opening film sequence as well because I think that it is a great opportunity to express my knowledge of editing and camerawork if the first part of the film runs at a fast pace rather than an equilibrium.

low lighting 2high angle


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