Analysis of Student Work

For this I will identify my own opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of this piece of students work from 2013.


  • There is a nice opening titles telling the audience of the production company which is displayed in a clear white font to which makes it very eye catching.
  • There is a use of flash cuts throughout the opening titles which flickers to the iconography of dangerous tools (hammers, saws etc.) as well as Barbie dolls in parts, this is an advantage as it creates a sense of mystery and makes the audience want to read on.
  • There is a use of symphonic sound with violins being the main instrument used, the sound gets progressively more intense the more you watch it and reflects that he Is hard at work with cutting up the dolls, which shows that it is  a contrapuntal sound due the fact that it is pleasant music matched with a scene that is quite disturbing and unusual.
  • They have a very good use of camera work, having a variety of shots from low angles, high angles, close ups, extreme close up. All these shots are mainly used on the main character in the opening sequence which has a powerful effect because it is making the audience look at every aspect of the character  which in turn creates a bigger sense of mystery due to the costume making him look like a everyday father, but with the sound and camera work used it gives the audience the feel that there is something wrong with him.


  • I believe that the use of the flash cuts are majorly over done. They have flash cuts throughout the opening sequence and it begins to loose its effect because it starts to become repetitive and boring. Furthermore he is still using flash cuts of pieces of Barbie dolls even when the main shot is him cutting up the dolls, it makes the flash cuts very redundant.
  • Towards the end of the scene I believe that some of the shots start to last longer than they should. They used a variety of shots at the beginning but they seem to lack them towards the end.

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