Textual analysis of students work-front cover

There are several strengths and weaknesses of this front cover. For instance, several of the cover lines mention other famous indie bands, which would attract her target audience to her magazine, because people would be interested in finding out about the bands that they enjoy indie music. Moreover the strap line ‘its all about the music’ seems to connote an un-mainstream attitude, which is often about making money and very little else. This anti-mainstream attitude is often a convention of indie music magazines due to them having a moral objection to things like corporate greed and sexism. Also another strength of this front cover is the use of the color red, which could connote danger and or rebellion, which could connote a rebellion against mainstream ideas. Another, strength of this student’s magazine is using a familiar red, white and black colour  scheme, which is a common convention of indie music. This is because it may dissuade people from buying the magazine if it doesn’t use colours that the target audience for indie knows as they may want to read magazines that use a colour scheme that they are familiar with.

However, a weakness of this indie magazine is that there is a lack of writing to the right hand side of the page, which makes it seem slightly bare and un organised. This creates an un-professional look, which is inconsistent with the indie music genre, which is generally professional.


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