Responce To Brief

Hello, My name is Szymon Czajka, this blog will be designed to be used for my AS media coursework. I have decided to choose the video brief over the print brief because if have limited experience with music magazines which I would needs in order to have an understanding of what must be done in the Print Brief. I also find Video to offer me much more room for creative possibilities as I am not bound down by having to write about a genre of music. Unlike me fellow students who chose film, I will not be working in a group but rather as the sole director, cameraman and editor, managing all aspects of the Fiction film opening and letting my actors play their parts. My initial brainstorming led me to deciding what genre I would like my film to be; I have chosen to make the opening sequence to either a Science Fiction film, or more ideally a Post-Apocalyptic film (due to better setting and props at my disposal), I decided this because these are the genres I am most familiar with, I am also set on the Post-Apocalyptic genre because unlike normal Sci-fi, I have accessibility to fitting setting and props. I have put some thought on who my target audience will be, and decided that a Post-Apocalyptic film would most suit teenagers or young adults, thus this will be who my target audience will be. I have gotten inspiration from multiple sources, but my main inspiration is in fact the ‘Fallout’ series of video games set 200 years after a Nuclear Apocalypse, I want to reflect the Atmosphere the Fallout games create in my film, thus I have a few ideas of aspects such as setting and props.


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