Progress Report

During my research so far I have been looking closely at existing documentaries as well as my ancillary products. During this time I have come to the conclusion that I need to focus very closely on representation throughout my main documentary as well as my newspaper advertisement and TV listings double page spread. These two ancillary product will be vital in gaining appeal from the audience I will be targeting; they must have an individual style (due to the different audiences they will reach) yet both link together to have the same overall effect.

I will also be focusing on the Channel 4 style of documentary and advertising. Their simple technique I have looked at when researching my ancillary products will allow me to be creative with my images whilst not overcrowding them with text, especially for my newspaper advertisement. I have found many features which are vital to include in order to make my products as realistic as possible:
• Channel 4 logo
• Simplistic Colour scheme – blue, white, black
• Font type
• Image style – many representations within 1 image

I have been research existing student products as well. This has allowed me to see simple mistakes which have been made and learn/expand on them However, it has also allowed me to notice some simple shots and ideas which add to the realistic image I am trying to produce, these I will take forward.


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