Trailer plot

Film trailer storyline

Boyfriend – Jason

Girlfriend – Amy

Boyfriend’s best friend – Dylan

We haven’t yet decided of the order of the shots completely as after establishing the whole story, we want to create the montage of the best bits from the “film” (without ruining the best bits for the audience) and use them in our trailer to entice our target audience.

  1. The trailer starts off with a girl looking at a photograph of a boy, then there’s a flash back to the time that they have met and them spending time together. This introduces us to the characters a little.
  2. Jason finds out that he’s got a serious illness and he only has a couple of months to live.
  3. The next scene shows the couple breaking up. Jason has decided that it will be the best if he ends it with Amy so she doesn’t see him suffering.
  4. Next scene shows Jason with his best friend Dylan. Jason is upset, crying, having a heart to heart chat with Dylan, and telling him how much he loves Amy, but he thinks ending it is the best option.
  5. In the meantime, the situation disturbs Amy mentally, she gets really upset about the whole situation, however she doesn’t have anyone to talk to about her feelings.
  6. Dylan secretly wants to get Amy for himself. He knows that she has no one there for her so he uses that as an excuse to get closer to her. She’s aware of the fact that Dylan and Jason are best friends but she appreciates the fact that Dylan is there to support her through such a hard time. She constantly asks about how Jason is feeling.
  7. This scene shows two best friends sitting in Jason’s room. He is lying on the bed, just about to die. He gives Dylan a letter in an envelope with Amy’s name on it and asks him to give it to her. Dylan promises that he will. The letter includes an explanation of why Jason broke up with Amy and that it was because of his illness, not because he doesn’t love her anymore. Jason dies a couple of minutes after Dylan promises him to give the letter to Amy.
  8. Dylan however, doesn’t give the letter to Amy. In fact, he hides it in one of his drawers in his room. After Jason’s death, Amy and Dylan spend a lot of time together. After a couple of months, they get together. However, Amy still can’t forget about Jason.
  9. One day, Dylan asks Amy to go into his room and get something out of the drawer for him, forgetting that the letter is hidden there. As Amy searches through Dylan’s room for the object he asked her to find for him, she finds an envelope with her name on it. She opens it and starts reading the letter.
  10. Near the end of reading the letter, Dylan walks into the room asking Amy what’s taking her so long. He finds her reading the letter, with tears falling down her face.
  11. She asks him what this is. He tries to explain himself, however she’s having none of it. She runs out of his room and runs to the graveyard. She sits beside Jason’s grave and cries for a couple of hours, reading the letter over and over again.
  12. Dylan constantly tries to get hold of Amy for a couple of weeks, but she doesn’t answer the phone from him. He comes to her door to apologise.
  13. As he knocks on the door, he doesn’t recognise the person that opens it. He asks whether Amy is at home but the person tells him that Amy and her family have moved out of town and that they don’t know what town they have moved to.

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