• Having the confidence in putting her head covering the title as they already it’s well known and will sell.
  • Colour lines are neat.
  • The typical magazine conventions are used very good such as the cover lines etc.
  • The main image is appropriate although I don’t think the outfit matches her genre.


  • Her outfit doesn’t match her genre of magazine.
  • Background is too plain and there’s not much going on.



  • The positioning of each image and box has clearly been considered as well as considering the layout of the text possibly by basing it on the structure of an existing magazine. I would certainly take forward this style of structure forward when discussing possible options with his group


  • I don’t think the backgrounds or images and the whole page has been thought enough about as it looks very plain.
  • in the lifestyle box the writing goes out of the box which looks very unprofessional.



  • I like the thought of using one big image of the main actor of the magazine as it looks very presentable and it guides the audience.
  • She has carried the same colour scheme all throughout the magazine which is good and I will carry that thought when making my magazine.


  •  Again the backgrounds have let her down as they don’t match her genre
  • Also the white background behind the writing is too plain for me and I wont be using this in my production.

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