Brand identity

To make sure that all of our ancillary tasks are linked together, Mariana and I have decided about the font that we’re going to use for the trailer, poster and the website.

cargo script

We have also chosen a colour scheme which will be a peachy colour that will complement the black font. By using this combination, not only we’ll show consistency but we’ll also show the equilibrium of the tenor between the characters in contrast with the tension we’ll show in the trailer. In the prints and online media, the most important thing to show is the romantic element of the genre.


For the poster, we’re going to stick to the same font style but change the colour to white. This way, we’ll portray the purity of characters’ love for each other. For the background of the poster and website banner, we will use an outdoor image which will be one of the settings in the trailer too. Making use of the same location, we’ll keep the products consistent and linked together.

The themes of the pictures will vary a little. The website banner will consist of a  picture of the three characters of which theme will be love, but a sense of tension will be portrayed: the rest of the pictures will be different shots from different scenes. The poster again will consist of the image that will be found as the website’s banner and a more intimate picture of the characters being closer to each other and this way all the products will stay linked together. We have tried finding our inspirations for the pictures included in the poster and we have took inspiration from the Vampire Diaries pictures.

The first picture that will also be used as the website banner will look similar to this:


The second, more intimate picture will be similar to either of these, depending on whether we decide to have a long or a mid shot:

the_vampire_diaries_season_2-wide vampire-diaries-trio-pca


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