Influential Figures

I have chosen to look at Egmont Publishing, the publisher of ‘We Love Pop’. I found this one interview very influential as I was thinking about using social networks to gain publicity for my magazine and this is what they did: “The £1 title, which launched with a print run of 200,000 in July, targets 13- to 15-year-old girls. It incorporates a website and a presence on Twitter and Facebook”.

With an age range of 13-15 year olds using social networks would be very popular as plenty of teenage girls use either Facebook or Twitter. It is important to make it up to date with all the latest pop stars as all the pop stars use social networks to engage with their fans.

Me, James and Evan picked a pop magazine as there’s not many pop magazines in the market so we could incorporate our own ideas and image to our own magazine. I then found a interview with the publisher this is what she had to say:

“Egmont firmly believes there is a place on the newsstand for a respected teen pop magazine.

“Our in-depth research into this audience demonstrates a real appetite for a magazine that delivers fresh and exciting pop content and we believe We Love Pop is set to refresh and revitalise the teen sector.”

They have clearly thought thoroughly about this magazine before making it, but as they said they seen a gap in the market like we did to make a pop magazine.

After selling the first magazine this what Siobhan had to say :

“It is fantastic to see such a strong set of results for the first issue of the magazine and we anticipate similarly robust figures for issue two.

“The focus that We Love Pop placed on launching a brand that utilizes multiplatform, along with our in-depth research, allows us to give the readers a truly integrated experience.”

We Love Pop: reports sales of 119,000

This was very motivational as they seen the gap and went for it and it pulled off and their first batch of magazines were very successful and pulled off, this is why they are already planning for the second magazine. This is huge motivation for us when making our magazine as we know the gap is really there and we now need to create competition.


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