Our Logo

Indigo logo final

This is our final choice logo.

We chose to make our logo with an indigo font design as this was to match the name of the channel this is auto-logical and makes the audience associate the colour with our channel.

The font we have chosen for the logo is called ‘Fontaro’ this is a modern looking font and has sharp and cursive edges, this shows that we are modern and cutting edge channel but at the same time we are well rounded and account for most genres of entertainment. The font is serif this is quite an informal font and shows that we are targeting an informal younger audience as opposed to and elderly or middle aged audience it also reflects the kind of content we are intending to show.

We have incorporated eyes into our product this is to show that peoples are eyes are on us and we are the channel to watch. The different colours of eyes also show that we are not just a stereotypical channel that sticks to one gender.


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