Intial Research – Newspaper advertisement

I have decided to begin my part of the research task, we have divided this between the three of us so that we can share the responses we receive. Each of us will produce a survey about the media product we have decided to research into, and therefore this will provide us with accurate information of what people like/enjoy/expect in the chosen product.

I have chosen to research the newspaper advertisement for our new TV Channel. To get a vague idea of what the audience look for in a newspaper advertisement I have created a survey consisting of questions that provide me with some information about what to include in my newspaper magazine.

I tweeted the link that will direct the audience to my survey. My followers are a different age range which means I can ensure that my final product will be suitable for all different ages.


Below is the link to my survey

Newspaper advertising is a marketing method of placing ads in a newspaper. My advertise will fit the conventions of a newspaper advertisement. I will ensure the colours are bright and colourful yet appealing.

1. What gender are you?


2. How old are you?


3.How often do you read newspaper advertisements?

Once a week
Once a month
Once in a couple of months

4. Which advertisement types catch your attention?
Animated advertisements
Video advertisements
Audience advertisements
Other advertisements

5. What sort of information do you expect to see in the newspaper advertisements?
Companies contact details
Name of the company
What kind of services the company offers
Companies slogan

6. What kind of colours do you expect to see in the newspaper advertisement?
Classic colours (black and white)
Cold colours (blue, green, purple)
Hot colours (yellow, orange, red)

7. Do you expect to see any images in the newspaper advertisement?

8. If yes what kind of images will attract your attention?
Black and White
Any type


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