Technical Research

Photography and Camera Work

Photography is a relevant technical skill which we will use to make our TV Channel website look successful and professional. We will capture our own images and include them on the website, TV listing double page spread and newspaper advertisement to create new TV Dramas and Soap Operas.

The skills needed to take good images would involve knowing the camera and understanding the lighting and developing an eye for choosing the right angle. We will be using a camera from our school, which we have previously used before for another project; therefore, we will understand clearly how to capture the right image. To ensure we get the correct lighting we will capture the images in a plain room, such as the drama room in our school (the black room), as this room has perfect lighting and doesn’t have too many posters on the walls other than most rooms at our school.

Also, we will focus on having a plain background to make the editing easier for us and less difficult. We will avoid taking photos outside, as the natural lighting may be too bright and make the editing more challenging.

Also, what the image is showing needs to be clear to the target audience. For example, if we advertise a new soap on our TV Channels website, the image needs to be relevant and eye catching. It is important that the image is appealing and engages with the reader. The colours used need to blend in with the website design, to make the page look interesting and professional, otherwise, our channel will lose potential viewers.

The image on the website and TV listings will be a midshot. A midshot is where the camera focuses on a figure from the waist upwards or an object with little zoom. The midshot outline the characters and the background has little detail, very minimal and usually plain.

The image on the newspaper advertisement will be an extreme close shot. An extreme long shot is used to establish a scene and mood of a film. Although little detail is paid to the image you are able to establish where the scene has been set. Or in this case, the extreme shot will identify the facial expression of a character and engage with the audience’s mood.

I have also researched technical skills and different camera work. Below is a source that I have used.


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