Technical Research


We will be using iMovie in order to edit the footage that we get for our promotional video for our brand within the website, with the purpose of this being to promote our brand in order to attract our audience towards out programming. We have access to Apple Mac computers, with the software iMovie enabling us to edit our footage together to ultimately create an effective video to put onto our site.

Firstly, we will import all of our video footage onto iMovie as this will allow us to look at all of it in order to see the most effective clips that we got, so that we can represent the flagship genres of soap operas and reality television within our institution. We can subsequently cut all of the footage that will not entice the audience towards our shows.

Next, we will drag all of the effective shots and camerawork onto iMovie that we have in order to view the footage as we edit the video together. The fact that we can view the footage whilst editing is something that makes iMovie such a successful program to use.

After this, we will add the specific sounds that will represent our channel and we will do research into sounds for this, though the main thing that we wish to do through our use of sound is elicit a positive response, with jovial music giving a positive sense to our channel in order to entice the audience towards our brand. We can use ‘Audio Options’ within iMovie to add the non-diegetic sound because this will be fundamental as well as the mise-en-scene within our video in order to connote our channel in an attractive way. We can also use fading of sounds to make sure that the sound fades out at the end, before a voiceover will give the basic information about our channel as it comes on-screen for the audience to see.

Then, we can cut footage whilst viewing because there may be some potential errors or some aspects that we do not wish to include within our video advertisement on our site.

Ultimately, we can export our video in full HD because we can embed it onto our website as we can convey the quality of our channel in the best possible format, as well as indicating that our channel will include a HD channel, as this is something that is expected due to the development of modern technology.


We will be using in order to create our website because this website allows us to select from a number of templates in order to make our website look as realistic and effective as possible. Although the design of the website will already be set up, meaning that we do not have to alter all of the potential factors, we will be altering all features like multimedia – in terms of videos and images – colours and font types, along with backgrounds and a house style for the entire site as we can to attract both males and females towards our site.

We looked at tutorials in order to get a better interpretation into how to use the program, as all three members of the group are competent in ICT skills because we completed the AS Level in ICT – conveying that we have the qualities to make an effective website.

We want our website to be similar to the conventions of other websites because this ensures that our product looks realistic and therefore the audience will see the product and easily be able to decide whether they can engage with the site and our brand or not. ITV convey lots of information within their sites, including their promotional advertising which is something that we wish to do due to the fact that we will be trying to entice the audience towards our site. uses a simple editor which allows you to drag and drop images onto the section where an image already exists in the template, though this gives us the integral idea to find all of our content before we start to build the website, as we can use storyboarding in order to get a good interpretation into what our pages will look like before we actually make it. Text can simply be replaced in the text boxes that already exist because most of them just use lorum ipsem text, so we will replace this with appropriate text that will subsequently attract our demographic audience towards our pages. We will also embed our promotional video from YouTube because this is something that we have seen a lot, especially from our recent group research of ITV Be, with the new channel being shown on the ITV website as aiming at the audience by conveying their new promotional advert that has been shown regularly on television.

Finally, the last thing that we can do successfully due to is use social networking and features of web 2.0 in order to attract our audience towards our brand and our content. There are existing icons for social networking on the templates, meaning that we can demonstrate our synergy within our products because we will be enhancing our reputation by getting the audience to extract information about our channel on Twitter and Facebook – thus meaning that we have a clear indication of our audience and that we want them to use social networking to get more information.



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