Final research and final pitch


Main part of the poster shows a photograph or shot from the film showing two main characters in a close relationship. This is because the main selling point and focus on a romance film is the relationship between the characters.

The female is often the most predominant character because romantic films are usually aimed at females. The male character is in the picture so their relationship can be shown; however, the female seems to be the main focus, for example when she is looking towards the camera like in the poster of “Becoming Jane”.becoming jane poster

However, we have focused on different films as our inspiration. They are “The fault in our stars” and “The best of me” because they have a similar plot to the one we have come up with for our own production. In both of these films’ posters, the main characters are very close to each other and it seems that there is no dominant character. None of them are looking towards the camera. Therefore, in our poster the main characters will be looking at each other so this way we can show equality and that they’re both just as important. If applying representation theory to the posters, I have to look at the positioning of the characters and how they’re represented.

In “The best of me” poster, the male character looks very protective, almost promising the female that she will be safe with him. This is portrayed through him holding his hand on her cheek and looking at her.


This also brings out stereotypes. She’s a stereotypically feminine character where as he is stereotypically masculine. He seems protective, she looks innocent. The costumes also show the stereotypes. For example, he is wearing a shirt which makes him look smart and his stubble adds up to the attractiveness. He is the typical handsome man that every girl wishes for. She looks very feminine, wearing a dress, with her hair down.


Her make up is very delicate which could represent how soft, delicate and innocent she is.

The title is located in the middle of the poster and the font that is used is the same as in the trailer and on the website and I will follow this when creating our own film poster.


The reason all of the font is linked together is so it’s easy for the audience to recognise the film and it looks much neater if everything fits nicely together instead of the colours and font being different on each of the products.

At the top of “The fault in our stars poster” there’s a sentence stating that this film is based on the New York Times bestseller. Whereas on “The best of me” poster, the sentence states that this film is based on a novel and it gives the names of the author as well as his popular novels.


On our poster, I will include that our film is based on a novel and we will make up a name of an author and a book. This will make the poster look more realistic and would persuade the audience to read the book as well as watching the trailer and the film. People that have already read the book and liked it will be looking forward to watching the film.

There’s also a quote on both of the posters, somehow describing the film. In “The fault in our stars” the quote says ‘one sick love story’. This relates to the film because the main female character has cancer, whereas the main male character has had his leg amputated.


On “The best of me” poster, the quote says ‘you never forget your first love’. This relates to the film because the two main characters have fell in love as teenagers and were each other’s first love and they meet after years and realise that their love for each other hasn’t disappeared.


The release date is usually at the bottom of the poster and I will make sure that this is included in our poster so it looks realistic and professional.


The background of the posters differs. For example, on “The fault in our stars” poster, we can only see grass that the characters are lying on. On “The best of me” poster, we can see a lake behind the main characters.


This reveals a little bit of the setting from the film or this could be a scene taken out of the film to give the audience an idea of what the film looks like. I believe that including a location in the background is harder to do and I’m not really experienced at making film posters, therefore I might stick to the minimal background image, similar to “The fault in our stars”. I will give it a try and see whether the more complicated background works, if not, I will stick to the simple one. I think that a background including setting would look better and look more professional. This would go with our target audience (females, 12+) as the location included would be ordinary so the audience could refer to it.

I have some initial thoughts on what our poster will look like. The actors we are using will be teenagers. However, we’re subverting the stereotype of a poster, and instead of two main characters looking at each other, we will have the three of them included in the poster. It will be set out like “The best of me”, including two pictures. At the top of the poster, the three characters will  be looking into the camera. Below that, the second picture will be more intimate, the girl located in the middle, in between two guys, to show that she has a connection with both of them and this way, we will give the audience an idea of what our plot is about. I also want to include one of the settings as the background as we like the look of it. One of our settings is a lake, which is again similar to “The best of me”, but the lake is much smaller so the final effect will be different than the poster we have chosen as our inspiration. In the background, behind the lake, there will be houses which will go with our idea of an ordinary setting. The title will stand out either in the middle or at the top of the poster and the font will match the trailer and the website. I will also want to include a quote that will reveal some of the storyline for our trailer.

Here are the full posters that I have analysed in this post:

Untitled the fault in our stars poster


Mariana and I will be working on the trailer together. We will divide the tasks between us two, I will be the director and Mariana will be editing the footage. The trailer will consist of montages as well as dissolves and title cards. We have chosen the colour of the title cards to be peachy and the font we will use will be Cargo Script written in white. We have chosen a warm colour as this way we will manage to have greater impact on the audience and show the pure love between the characters in the trailer. This colour also goes with our target audience because a pastel peachy colour is very feminine and delicate which automatically fits the idea of stereotypical females.

In the trailer, we’re going to start of by showing the scenes in a chronological order so we set up the film, but after the first 30 seconds title cards will appear and we’ll make use of montages which will help us create tension and build up on the interest of our audience. For the music, one of the character is a singer/songwriter and she gave us permission to use two of her songs. We have also found out that we’re allowed to use up to 40 seconds of a song we’d like to include and this is what we’re planning to do.


the notebook

The website banner will be 1680 x 850 pixels and it will consist of an image (medium shot) of the three main characters. The photograph will be intimate (showing the hatred developed between the two boys); the girl will have a rather guilty look on her face in order to give the audience a hint of what is going on in the film. However, the girl will be portrayed as being very feminine and seductive, therefore we will follow the female stereotype. The boys will reflect a protective and manly side. The reason I will include a medium shot is to give the audience an idea of the physical appearance of the characters, however the medium shot will portray a sense of mystery, so the audience will be even more attracted.

 Furthermore, the size of the poster will be 213 x 315 pixels so everyone can clearly see it, this being positioned on the left hand side of the webpage along with 6 54 x 54 pixels images. The reason of the poster being included, is to fulfil the purpose of the website, which is to promote/market the film and to gain a mass audience.

website banner

pictures for website

At the top of the page, I am going to include social networking buttons; the use of these will help us create syngergy and will engage even more with our target audience which are 12+, especially teenagers and young adults. The trailer will also be included on the left hand side, as that’s the main product we want our audience to see. Having the trailer included, we can attract more people and gain a mass audience, rather than sticking to a niche one. I shall also include textual information about the film, so people can read about mine and Adrianna’s narrative before watching it – this way, our audience will be drawn in.


The website will also consist of the release date of the film as well as name of director, screenplay, cast and run time. In terms of font, I will use a white one for the banner and a black one for the textual information. The font style is Times New Roman and the background I will use is a peachy colour. I am going to use to create the webpage, however if the outcome is not as expected, I shall use dreamweaver as my ICT skills will allow me to work with this software.

cargo scriptpeachy

image for websitedreamweaver image


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