Response to the brief

As a group, we decided to choose the video brief as we wanted to challenge ourselves in creating original ideas for our own storyline as well as expressing our own creativity in a fun project. After a discussion with my group we have come up to a decision to create a crime thriller because we liked the idea of how it will intrigue the audience with the amount of media language that could be used to project the storyline. Our initial ideas are that the opening with feature a serial killer that is out to kill many people for his own pleasure and starts by killing an innocent young girl. Therefore we have decided to go against Todorov’s narrative theory because it will make our opening stand out and show how dangerous the antagonist is. Our target audience is a mass audience of 18 plus as anyone may want to watch this film however would be highly unsuitable for children because it might scare them and show things they should not see at a young age. Our inspiration for creating a crime thriller has come from ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and ‘Seven’ as they both fit into our genre of film and our films that we as a group enjoy watching.


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