Response to the brief

Hello my name is Anthony Keys, for my Media production I have decided to work in a group with Leanne Frowen and Grzegorz Wycislok. I decided that I would like to do the video brief as I enjoy creating and editing footage and furthermore thought it would be the best way to project the media conventions that I will be trying to show.  After careful consideration through different genres of film, as a group we decided to create and opening sequence of a crime thriller which would relate to the 1991 film ‘Silence of The lambs’ and ‘Seven’ (1995). I believed crime thriller would be the best option because this is a genre that I enjoy watching and we also thought it would be a good genre to project the media language we want to show. We also decided that it would be best that we go against Todorov’s narrative theory as we want this opening sequence to start off with a disruption instead of a equilibrium like most films. The reasoning behind this is that the opening sequence will be a young girl being kidnaped and brutally murdered, so we want to projected the evilness of our antagonist, the idea is to show how dangerous this man is and make the audience want him to be stopped, which is how the story will continue. we believe our target audience would be a mass audience who are 18+ due to the nature of the film we feel that this is something adults will enjoy more. Our inspiration for our film brief would be ‘Silence of The Lambs’ and ‘Seven’ as they are the same genre of film that we are interested in and furthermore they use mise en scene and media techniques that we would like to include in our own film.


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