Influential Figures..

In the following I will discuss why Kay Benbow has influenced me whilst developing our children’s theme tune and magazine cover. Kay Benbow is a commissioner of CBeeBie’s and decides what’s suitable for the channel; this includes meeting with Production Company’s and she oversees everything that is happening with the channel for example she watches pilot episodes or even arrives at set to see how the recording process is going. Her involvement means she is always aware what is happening behind the scenes and what is on her channel.

In the following she shows how she considers children’s interest when accepting a programme “We wanted a really stand out music show, we know that children particularly pre-schoolers really love music it sparks imagination, creativity, energy, movement and we just wanted to create the best possible music series for our audience, cause that’s what CBeeBies does..”  This is influential as she considers her audience when creating a programme. I aim to achieve the same method when creating a children’s theme tune, and magazine as I want to create a product that the audience would love. To achieve this I intent to undertake detailed audience research (like a survey) to help the needs of my target audience.

This is the link to the video where I found the quotation above. She discusses a new programme on CBeeBies called ‘ZingZillas’


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