Theoretical Research

We have looked in theoretical research because this gives us an interpretation of how a range of theories apply within our production, as the theory influences our decisions because we wish to represent these theories intrinsically within our products.

Another aspect of theoretical research that we did not discuss within the slideshare was the personal relationships gratifications theory, therefore meaning that institutions can create either relationships with the media or using the media within a relationship – with the latter aspect prevalent for soap operas, meaning that it is integral for our research. Firstly, relationships within the media are of paramount importance as it means that by seeing the same regular characters – especially within soap operas – the audience is able to gain a great understanding for them and can subsequently engage and empathise with events that unfold within the narrative, with some aspects even leading to mass media coverage due to significant storylines. This implies the importance of the first part of relationships with the media, due to the fact that the personalities and representations of characters within soap operas are intrinsically important, with the audience forming strong relationships with characters, hence meaning that within our production we have to make sure that we have a balance of well-liked and disliked characters (hence adhering to Propp’s character theory) in order to enable the audience to become intimate with our characters.

Secondly, a flagship show that is advertised well or is broadcast successfully to a large range of people allows the media to be used within relationships and this is also fundamental for our production, as we have to ensure a cohesive marketing campaign so that our audience can become active and extremely aware of our shows. Using our flagship shows; reality television and soap operas, we will be able to market our brand through the use of web 2.0 primarily, to generate interest in order to get people talking – essentially similar to the way in which E4 conforms to its ethos by using dynamic advertising to appeal to a cutting edge audience – we need to make sure that our advertising fits our audience well as this allows our media to create relationships in real life.


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