TV Channel Branding


Here is the link to an emaze I made all about TV Branding and how audiences are attracted through the consistency of a brand identity:

From our research, we were able to apply a number of different theorists to the way that TV channels are branded, with everything chose within a brand to convey the audiences and the pleasures that audiences can have whilst watching shows within the brand. Aristotle’s theory applies within a brand because of the fact that all channels like BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will be the flagship channel that can broadcast shows to a number of audiences, but then they have a channel that is specifically in place for younger people. The theory indicates that ‘special emotional responses are linked to different genres’, therefore highlighting that different audiences will interpret different genres in order to respond in a specific way, with the genres purposely eliciting a response that will appeal to an audience – as institutions have a clear idea of what specific audiences enjoy so that they can offer them viewing pleasure when watching TV shows.

This indicates Aristotle’s theory due to BBC 3, ITV 2 and E4 shown to be aimed purposely towards a younger audience, hence meaning that the institutions are using different channels to show genres that are concurrently popular for a younger demographic audience – meaning that different emotional responses link from different genres – though these brands do this primarily by having more than one channel in their institution. We will use Aristotle’s theory although only within our brand of one channel because we can elicit different audience responses through the depiction of several genres primarily on our TV website, meaning that we can represent our brand positively, though in a slightly different way to the larger brands.  


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