Progress Report

Progress Report:

After our initial research we have gained insight into our main product and our ancillary products and this has allowed us to gain valuable information into how we are going to create our brand identity. We are taking inspiration from ITV, with ITV Encore specifically acting as focal point for us because it is a very recent marketing campaign so we can take lots of inspiration from this and therefore it has been very useful for us as a group.

We have learnt:

  • the conventions for all of the products that we are going to make
  • the importance of consistency within a brand
  • emphasising the genre of our programming
  • highlighting a range of programming within our institution
  • LLIAR, which means we have a clear intention about audience
  • How the conventions appeal to the audience
  • How we wish to stick to the conventional aspects rather than subverting
  • All about ITV, as they are the main influential figure for our products and brand
  • How an effective marketing campaign works for an institution
  • How to improve from other students’ work

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