Cohesive Marketing Campaign

Looking into a cohesive marketing campaign is vital because it helps our group understand how to establish our marketing successfully so that the audience can see our identity and understand all of the aspects about it, through a range of different techniques. slides

ITV Encore is a new channel that recently had to use a cohesive marketing campaign in order to entice viewers towards its programmes, so researching this channel and the means of advertising was also very effective and useful.

We looked into different theorists that could potentially apply for the new channel in order to get an interpretation into the ideas that ITV as an institution used in order to brand their new channel. We believe that ITV supported Neale’s genre theory concurrently, due to the fact that this theory states ‘genres are instances of repetition and difference’, with this paramount for ITV Encore especially due to the fact that it even states within the name of ‘encore’ that the channel is repeating previously successful shows in order to elicit audiences to watch them again as they were initially very good. This theory is therefore conveyed because it is simply repetition of the dramas that have already been shown – though aspects of difference are shown because this channel is solely dedicated to representing these kinds of shows, repeats that were already well-received on the flagship channel of ITV.


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