Researching into Similiar Products

Sticking to the convention

As a group we have decided to stick to the convention for our product. After researching the textual analysis for all of our products we now have a clear idea of the conventions for each product. We find it is better to stick to the conventions because we have seen existing products which have been attractive and appealing for our target audience. Each product which has been successful and relevant have stuck to the conventions, therefore, we believe it is a good idea for us to also stick to the conventions relevant for each product, the website, newspaper advertisement and double page listings magazine. We each analysed the genre, narrative, media language and the representation for each of the products.

For the logo and TV Channel name, we will stick to the conventions as it is appealing and eye catching, which will hopefully engage the reader. We have all agreed that we would like to create a TV Channel similar to ITV and follow their ethos, by including a range of programmes and advertisements. We have a vague idea of how we want our TV Channel to be presented due to looking into detail at the conventions of ITV. The reason for being strongly drawn towards ITV other than Channel 5 or BBC, is because our audience types are fairly similar therefore, we can look at the types of audiences to primarily aim our TV Channel at.

TV Channel Website

For the website, we aim on using a wide range of bright colours, to make our website appealing. To make the website attractive we will combine the use of textual and graphical content together to create an eye-catching engaging website. Also we will provide information which will be appealing and interesting.

TV Listings Magazine

On the listings magazine we will intend to use the same colours that will be included on the website to create a house style. The house style will become memorable to the audience which will hopefully make our website popular. To present our TV listing magazine, we will put our own product into a real listings magazine. This will highlight the realism and integrity of our product.

Newspaper Advertisement

Finally, we will follow the conventions for the newspaper advertisement by adding a large dominant image to engage the reader. The colours used will be contrasting to make the information stand out and easier to read. It is important that the information is presented clearly along with the channel name, dates, times and sponsorship advertisements. Also, this follow the conventions of similar TV Channels such as ITV.


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