Newspaper Advertisement – Textual Analysis

I have looked into more analysis of newspaper advertisements, in order for me to be able to see the conventions of different adverts. I primarily looked into ITV and Channel 4 because these two institutions offer the most effective newspaper advertisements, with BBC not using this sort of advertisement as much – however there is a clear reason for this. Relating to the ethos of the channels, BBC do not show advertisements on their channels which means that there is not any sponsors for their shows, however as ITV and Channel 4 have shown, they do not only advertise their programmes – but also a sponsor for each show that they convey in a newspaper. Therefore, this highlights the ethos of ITV as they represent their shows as popular through the use of sponsorship because this means that large companies wish to sponsor their shows, depicting that adverts are vital for ITV in order for the institution to be a free channel for everybody to be able to watch.


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