Peppa Pig Title Sequence – Textual Analysis

The title sequence for peppa pig starts with the logo for peppa pig witch remind the audience what they are about to watch and it can also excites the audience by seeing Peppa on the logo. After the logo appears on the screen with Peppa and the logo, the image of Peppa comes a live, this doesn’t just get the audience excited it allows them to see what they are about to watch and our audience is a of a younger age they get excited easily especially when it come to their favourite  cartoon. The next scene is where Peppa introduces her little brother, her mother and her dad this lets the audience know which character is who which is quite helpful for a younger child if this scene wasn’t in the title sequence this would confused the audience. The fact that the main character isn’t just Peppa it her and her brother conveys that the show isn’t just aimed at females, and also when watching the whole show she always has friends which aren’t just girls she has male friends. Also in the title sequence you can tell that she gets along with her younger brother which sends messages to our audience to always get along with their siblings. When she is introducing her family at the beginning it she doesn’t say they’re names apart from her little brother, this shows how there isn’t just one character and it shows the equality of the show how the female isn’t the only main character but that her and her brother are the main character. By Peppa not saying the mum and dad’s name it conveys that they’re characters are not as important, and it also makes it easier for the audience to remember all the characters as they only have to remember too names. This title sequence is a really simple sequence as there isn’t a lot of verbal communication which makes it more interesting for our audience because all they have to look at is the cartoons, and it also makes it a lot easier to concentrate on the cartoons and makes them want to watch more. The colour on the title is bright but also simple but by the title sequence being very bright will get the  audience’s attention as if it was dark colours the audience would get bored.
By the father coming in last it an his ‘oink ‘ being really loud shows how important of a character he is, for example his oink is the loudest of them all and this shows that as he is the dad he is the most important person in the how and this is also shown by him coming in last.


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