Response to the Brief

Hello, my name is Beckie McConnell and this is the blog for my A2 media coursework.

For this unit, I am working with Danielle Watkins and George McKillop. The brief we have chosen is brief 9:

A website for a new TV channel (to include a minimum of three hyperlinked pages with original images, audio and video extract), together with two of the following three options:

  • A newspaper advertisement for the channel
  • A double page spread for a listings magazine, focused on the channels launch

The two tasks we have chosen from this to accompany the website are a double page spread for a listings magazine and a newspaper advertisement as creating print products is a strength of mine. My initial ideas for the website are to follow the same structure as the popular channel, ITV. I want to create a channel alike with ITV, along with the same type of shows, as we are all avid television watchers and we all watch programmes such as ‘Coronation Street’ – meaning that we have a good idea about the types of representation theories that we want to portray for our channel.


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