Genre research

After all the analysis we have done so far, we decided to stick to the romantic drama genre. In order for us to create a professional film trailer of this genre, we have had a look at the Repertoire of elements. Earlier on in the research progress, we have analysed the repertoire of elements.

The website and the trailer will consist of soft images and warm colours in order to portray the romantic drama genre. Also, the trailer will include the two main characters showing their love and going through obstacles; this way, we will manage to connote the genre through the products.


We had a look at how the genre is reflected in romantic drama trailers – we learnt that this is portrayed through the scenes showing certain parts of the narrative, as well as the props (letters, wedding rings, photographs). For us to portray the genre, we are intending to show the most romantic and intense scenes, as well as montages to give the audience an insight of the genre.  


To portray the romantic drama genre in the website, we are intending to include things such as the poster and the synopsis of the narrative; this way, the viewers will recognise that the website is part of the trailer and poster and the plot summary will inform the audience about the genre.


The way we are thinking to reflect the romantic drama genre in the poster is by using typical warm colours to portray love and the relationship between the characters.


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