Progress report

So far, personally I think I have done well. I have had a look at several trailers with Adrianna and from the analysis I have done so far, she and I came up with a few ideas for our romantic drama trailer.

Also, once the analysis of similar products ( this including genre, narrative, media language and representation) was done, my teacher has given me feedback with some corretctions to do. After I completed the corrections, Adrianna and I came up with a few more ideas for the trailer:

The fades will definitely be included in the trailer as they are a typical editing technique in romantic dramas. We are definitely going to have two main characters, a male and a female and the scenes within the film will not be shown in a cronological order in order for the trailer to be more appealing and to not give away the entire narrative; blackouts will be used as well as a variety of shots such as close ups to show the reactions of the characters. We are probably going to have one of the characters suffer from an illness and we will show several obstacles that will come in between the love of the hero and princess.

On the poster, we are thinking to use a soft image in order to sort of portray the theme of the film. Typical conventions will be included such as a tag line to give the audience a vague insight of the narrative. The title of the film as well as information at the bottom of the poster will be included; this way, the viewers will know what the film is called and the poster will fit its purpose (to promote the actual movie).

It terms of the images that we are thinking to use, these will probably be two images that are blended together representing the characters’ relationship. We are thinking to use a close up in order to portray their feelings and perhaps a long shot to give the audience an idea of what the main location of the action could take place.

For the website, we are definitely going to use the same colour scheme to gain a sense of consitency and professionalism. We will include a banner of the two main character, a poster and the trailer, as well as synopsis. Other typical features such as release date and social network buttons will be included – we’re thinking this is a good ideas as these are the conventions of all film websites, plus that this way we can reach out to more people, gaining a mass audience.


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