Inital Ideas, storyline 1.


I will try to come up with a few potential storylines and then perfect them and  then use one for my short film.


Storyline 1 :

A teen girl is babysitting, she’s laying on the couch  texting her boyfriend who’s supposed to come around, there’s a knock at the door and it’s raining, she opens the door to a hooded figure who she believes to be her boyfriend, she lets them in and goes to grab them a towel when she looks at her phone to see a text from her boyfriend saying “sorry I can’t make it tonight”. She’s in shock and tries to figure out who it was at the door, she grabs a knife from the kitchen and runs towards the door but hears screams from the children from upstairs. She goes to get the children and they’re stood on their beds staring into a spot in the room, she goes to pick the little one up and they smile at something behind her so she turns around to the hooded figure which takes the hood off and she is faced with a girl with demon eyes and blood down her face, turns back around and the children also have blood down their faces and the shot cuts away from the house as you hear the screams of the girl being eaten alive.


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