Influential figures

Julie Anne Robinson is a British theatre, television and film director and she directed “The Last Song”.
Michael Sucsyis a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning film director, screenwriter and producer; he directed “The Vow”.

These two directors have created romantic dramas and because they chose a clear way of representing the characters, I became engaged with the films, hence where I got the idea of doing a romantic drama film trailer. Also, their idea of plots portray real life situations and true love, which I liked a lot; this is why the film inspired me to use certain features in my trailer.
julie anne robinsonmichael sucsy

Channing Tatumis an American actor and he played in “The Vow”.
Rachel McAdamsis a Canadian actress and she played in both “The Vow” and “The Notebook”.

The reason why these two actors had an influence on my choice of doing a romantic drama trailer is that Channing Tatum is represented in a very stereotypical way, in the sense that he’s caring, romantic and protective and Rachel McAdams is portrayed in a very feminine way and she appears to be vulnerable. This representations of the actors really engaged with me and implicitly with the genre of the two films.
channing tatumrachel mcadams

Adam Shankmanis an American film director, producer, dancer, actor and choreographer. He produced “The Last Song”.
Mark Johnson is an American film producer, known for “The Notebook” and many other films.

I have been influenced and inspired by these two producers because they carefully chose what scenes should go in the film, which gave me an idea of what I want to include in my trailer.
adam shankmanmark johnson

Spyglass Entertainment is an American film production company that has funded “The Vow”.
Warner Bros.
is an American film production that financially supported “PS. I love you”.

The reason I looked up these two film institutions is because they are big film companies that financially supported films that had a big commercial success. This motivated me to produce a professional and successful trailer.
spyglass entertainmentwarner bros


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