Response To The Brief

For this production, I will be working with Molly Furey on brief 2, which is creating a promotional package for a new film, with the main task of a film trailer with the ancillary tasks of a film magazine front cover featuring the film and a poster for the film. I have chosen this brief as I haven’t done any filming yet and would like to develop my knowledge of film, shots and conventions, especially with trailers as I know that this has a completely different set of conventions to a standard film. I also wanted to use these ancillary tasks as I have experience and knowledge of magazine covers so will be able to complete that task to the best of my ability and posters were another interesting one for me as there are many options for the product and the conventions can be used to create an original interesting product.

Our final production idea is a slasher trailer as it is a common one so I will be able to find many current products to analyse and take inspiration from. Also, as slashers are a relatively new genre for me, I am looking forward to widening my knowledge and trying to bring new ideas to the already interesting genre. Another reason we chose this is because, although there are many similar products, they all follow the same style which can become boring and I’d like to try and change the current standard.


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