5 Successful Tips for Web Pages

I have decided to complete some extra research for the group, which will hopefully benefit us when we are in the process of creating the website for the new TV channel.

There are 5 main elements that a successful web page should include, these are:

Clear Navigation
The navigation is one of the most significant areas of the website, and informs the user of different elements that your website offers. The navigation needs to be easily visible at all times, and clear headings signifying what the links lead to. The navigation will be the main focus point of an audience who are not interested by the main storyline and are eager to find out information possibly about another programme, or about another service that the website offers.

Prominent Contact Information
Despite the website being interactive and online, some members of the audience will require speaking to a member of the team over the phone or through email. The contact details should be visible to the public, and are typically positioned at the bottom of each page, or with a page dedicated to the contact details named “contact us” or something similar.

Visually appealing home page
The home page is the make or break of the website, as this is the first main attraction and upon seeing the home page, the audience will have a clear view on the website. It is important to create a lasting first impression, ensuring that the audience visit back time after time. It is important to only include relevant information on the home page, as otherwise the homepage can easily become cluttered. It is important that you use easy to read fonts, and simple layout so that the reader is not confused and put off attempting to progress through the website.

As the website will be conveying different programmes that the TV channel offer, as well as a range of other services provided by the company, there are bound to be some questions from the audience that they are eager to know the answer to. It is important to create a FAQ page, helping customers easily find additional answers and gain knowledge about your services.

Ensure that it is clear to the audience what you would like them to achieve through your site. For example a website selling a product would aim to include special pricing, promotions or offers and ensure that it is easy for customers to buy. Another intention could be to educate visitors about the business, making sure information about the company is displayed in an easy to read manor.

I will ensure that when we come to create the website, we will take all of these successful ideas into consideration. The website must include a navigation which benefits the audience, is understandable and links to all pages which are important. I need to ensure that we cater for a mass audiences needs, and allow the website accessible to any member of the public, ensuring we provide a great experience.


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