Response to the Brief:

I will be working with Kelsey Sampson within this project, the reasoning for this being that we are both very much interested in the film element of media and the same types of genre, therefore we will team up to carry out the brief 2, which is creating a promotional package for a new film. The brief includes creating a trailer, a film magazine front cover featuring the film and a poster for the film. I chose this particular brief as film is an area I am very interested in, I also take theatre studies which is very helpful as when creating film acting is a key element, therefore I will be fairly prepared when actually creating the trailer.
I have decided upon the genre of horror as I have a great interest within this genre. The sub-genre within this genre will be ‘slasher’. I have went for this particular styled film as ‘slasher’ films usually follow quite a fairly simple, stereotypical storyline, therefore the genre should be very clear to the target audience.
Finally the target audience for my products will be 18 rated as ‘slasher’ films typically display scenes of a sexual nature and gory violence, therefore the film being adverted would not be suitable for a younger audience and would be more targeted at adults age range 18 – 40 years old.


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