Response to the brief

Hello, my name is Adrianna Karpiel and this is my blog containing my A2 Media coursework.

I am teamed up with Mariana Tugulea again, as we worked well together when doing our AS Media coursework. This year we have chosen to make a promotion package for a new film, including a trailer that will last for about 2 minutes which is similar to what we’ve done in the previous year as it includes filming and this is the reason why we have chosen to do a trailer, as we have some experience from last year and we have also learned on our mistakes and won’t do them again. However, this year we have chosen to do a drama genre and a trailer instead of a horror opening sequence, as I feel like we haven’t done so well with horror genre in the previous year.

We also have to pick two ancillary tasks and the one we picked are a website homepage for the film and a poster for the film. Mariana is doing ICT at A level therefore she will be good at making the website and I have done a poster when doing Media in year 11, however, the poster was about a band instead of a film, so I will have to have a look into film posters to make sure that my poster meets all of the requirements.

We haven’t really thought about the plot for our drama trailer yet, but we want to have different locations, inside and outside. We want to use a variety of different shots and angles to show our familiarity of them, varying from close-ups to an establishing shot.   We also want to use different lighting to be able to show different moods during the trailer.

We want to show different-aged people in our work, however, we don’t really know of any older people with acting experience to play in our trailer, therefore we will have to think about the plot very carefully. After watching a couple of drama trailers, I have realised that it usually contains someone dying, whether it’s an older person or someone with a permanent illness.



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