Response to the brief

We have decided to create a public broadcasting TV channel in the mass media industry similar to ITV. All three members of the group are constant television watchers, especially ITV and soaps such as ‘Coronation Street’ so this will help us decide of our own channel similar to ITV. We are also aware of the ITV website and its functions, which will help us greatly in our main task to produce a website for the new TV channel. We have a good knowledge about representation theories that we would like to portray through our channel.

The brief is one that interested us all from the first look at the list of briefs. As Danielle and George both do A Level ICT they are aware of how to make an engaging website, where as I have only made a small brief website in year 10. In AS, me and Danielle chose to make a magazine and in this we had to create a double page spread, so although the topic is different we will have some useful knowledge which will help us when creating this.

We are aiming for an interactive website, allowing the audience to find out important information about the channel. An active audience (targeted) will help spread the word of our TV shows and therefore should make the website a success.

The newspaper article is a new task for us all, so it will be interesting to see the results of our research and how we intend to approach this task, but again with knowledge of soaps and TV channels similar to the one we are going to create, this should not be a barrier or put us behind.


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