Question 6: what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I used a range of different technologies to create my magazine. The technology I used included:

Samsung galaxy s4 16mp camera – to take the photos I just used my phone as I was able to use this at any time without having permission to borrow it. It also has a really good quality camera and a range of features which would help with the colouring and to make the pictures even better quality. It has a 8x optical zoom which was good when shooting different shots e.g. Close ups and an effective focus which made the photos look more professional.

Computer – I used a computer to load my photos onto, I did this by emailing the picture that I had taken from my phone to my email which I then logged onto on the computer and loaded onto my files. I then looked through them on media player and chose the ones I wanted to use. I then used PowerPoint to enrich the colours and remove the backgrounds from some of the pictures. PowerPoint is a very easy programme to use however I had not used this to edit photos before so that was something I need to look into and learn which was quite challenging.

Programmes – I used programmes like prezi to exhibit my work and research, I used this programme as it is an effect way to present information as it has lots of different features and themes. I also used slide share for the same reasons. It was very different to prezi but present my research and evaluation in a more exciting and professional way then a word documents.


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