Evaluation Question 6:

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
During the process I used various different types of technology in which I had never closely encountered before. Firstly, we presented our work over Word Press a software online in which you can create your own blog. This was fairly simple to use and presented my work in a really effective way, rather than use software such as Microsoft PowerPoint which only is much more limited in the options in which it provides you to present your work. Also using various other Web 2.0 software greatly influenced my work using software’s such as ‘Prezzi’ and ‘SlideShare’ to present my work in new and inventive ways. These were also very simple to use, the only task in which you have to do is create an account for both and then you are up and running.  This again was a much more interesting way to present my work, keeping my blog posts all very different to one another and stimulating. Using a digital video camera to film my footage for both my preliminary and my opening was also a simple task after I had researched into key filming techniques such as the 180 degree rule which insists you cannot film past a certain angle as the footage then looks incorrect. The camera was fairly simple to use, and it gave me the chance to really work with one for the first time as I had never really experienced filming before, I believe it turned out to be a very fun and successful task. Finally, IMovie was software in which I again had never used; however this was particularly difficult to initially figure out as I had only ever used Windows Movie Maker, which was on a very minimal technical scale. To use the programme I watched various different tutorial videos which really helped me grasp the basics. I had very small experience with editing but never on an advanced scale like my film opening. However, I really enjoyed this particular stage of the process as it really gave me the chance to develop my skills.


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