Evaluation Question 4:

Evaluation Question 4:

Who would be the audience for your media product?
The audience for my media product would be 15+ as it will include scenes of a violent nature and will therefore not be suitable for anyone of a younger age. Horrors are also a popular genre for young adults, therefore targeting my film at them would make sense as I am more likely to bring in a larger audience rather than pitching it at a younger or age. My audience will then have a mass audience as I wish for my film to appeal to all types of people and hopefully be fairly popular. However, my film will not be a typical horror as it will feature dark magic and voodoo aspects, meaning it may not appeal to everyone’s taste, but will be something that takes a bit more thought to interpret. The socio-economic group for my film I believe would be A right down to C2, I believe this as my film is quite complicated and would take a lot of thought to try work out some elements of what is really happening. Therefore I think people who were quite high in class would enjoy as they should in theory be very clever and would essentially be able to understand and piece together the story. The psychographics for this film I believe would be explorers and reformers. I believe this because the film is quite unusual so I think the audience would have to have quite an open mind to enjoy it. Explorers would be an ideal audience as one of their key values is to be individual, and this film is very individual. They are also typically young (students) and this is the ideal target audience as the age restriction is a 15. Also reformers would be an ideal audience as they are socially aware and possess independent judgement, therefore they would be open to believe in the weird plots within the film.


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