Evaluation Question 2:

The social group represented within product is teenagers, the protagonist being a young girl and the other character being her older sister who is also within this age group. I feel my product goes against the stereotypes of young people as usually young people are seen within two lights, one being the classic yob and the other being the young and innocent. However, my character is being controlled by an evil force therefore erasing any aspect of innocence in which this age group should usually possess. I displayed this through the use of white contact lenses to add to the supernatural and possessed look in which I wanted to display. Also she spoke in Russian and said evil statements such as “I want you to die.”  Speaking in a foreign language added to the anti-stereotype in which I was trying to display, creating a very disturbing and creepy atmosphere. initially judging by appearance the protagonist would just come across as a young girl who could cause no threat, as her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes create a sense of purity this was a great juxtaposition when her character then became possessed turning something innocent into something very poisoned.


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