The outfits for the survivors are going to be very simple as this is the start of the outbreak which means that the clothes haven’t been worn out yet. Due to the weather circumstances, the actors will require to wear jackets and casual clothing such as jeans and a pair of old trainers. On the other hand, the zombies will have to be taken into a more detailed approach. For example, the zombies need to be covered in blood in order to give an idea to the audience that they have been attacked and bitten. The make-up detail will have to be at a very good standard in order to give a sense of realism and to show that the zombies are decaying. The zombies will also have to look dirty, as in they will either have mud on their trousers or a few rips in order to show that they have struggled to fend off the zombies when they were attacked.

For the props, I have decided to give small backpacks to the humans in order to give a sense of a survival and desperation. The backpacks give a sense of urban survival and it is commonly used to show preparation in apocalyptic films.

zombie_makeup_jero3                                         etnies-drake-backpack-61398-m


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