The following questions are a way the audience can let me know what they’d like me to do in terms of completing the film. Please tick the answers that you would deem appropriate:

Where do you think the location of my setting should be?

Woods (  )

Abandoned warehouse (  )

Town centre (  )


What type of music would you prefer to have during the sequence?

Dissonance (  )

Rhythmic (  )

Silent (  )


What age do you think should be suitable for this opening sequence?

PG (  )

12 (  )

12A (  )

15 (  )

18+ (  )

Which gender would you want the protagonist to be?

Male (  )

Female (  )


What time during the day would you prefer the shooting to take place?

Daytime (  )

Night time (  )

Dusk (  )

Dawn (  )

Out of 30 questionnaires, 22 people said they’d rather have the location be shot in the woods.18 people answered that they’d rather have rhythmic music in the opening sequence, this is good because I believe it will create more suspense. 14 people said they think the age restriction should be 15. I am inclined to believe that this seems appropriate as most of the target audience are teenagers and as estimated 20 out of 30 people would prefer the protagonist to be a male character. 19 people are wanting the location to be shot at dusk.


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